We are at the show this weekend!

Here are some of the treasures Ed has unearthed in time for this show.... Over 80 long boxes!! 

Half of them $1 books!  High grade raw and graded books too!  Hulk #181, Captain America #100 (2 copies), and other Silver Age and Modern books, some Golden Age books as well!

We’ve worked with Ed Robertson Comics for a few years now.  Ed has helped us out for years building personal collections and he’s allowed us to help him out in return during conventions.  This is Ed’s biggest show each year.  It's been postponed a couple of times during COVID and is now back in its regular time slot during Memorial Day weekend. 

This will be the first time since 2019 that this event will be held again in Phoenix. 

We are at Ed’s booth (booths # 1064/1066/1068/1070).

Phoenix Fan Fusion